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Administrative Information
Course Title: New York 20.5 Hour Real Estate Continuing Education
Course Number: 6584 Provider: Hyde Real Estate School
Certified: 08/21/2019 Address: 91 Hooker Ave
Expires: 06/11/2022 Poughkeepsie, New York 12601
Status: Approved Phone: 917-310-3597
Contact: Karen A. <>
Course Information
Provider Type: Primary Provider
Delivery Method: Internet - Asynchronous *Clock Hours: 20.5
Final Exam: No †Clock Hour Enforcement Mechanism: Yes
Proctored Exam: No Difficulty Rating: Basic
Description: New York 20.5 Hour Real Estate Continuing Education This course contains 6 modules that covers: Agency law, Fair Housing Laws, Financing, The Contracts of sale and lease, Commercial RE Investments, and Legal Issues. It is intended to allow a New York real estate agent to fulfill their required 22.5 hour continuing education requirement.
Instructors: Ike Iffih (CDEI)
Janet Levy (CDEI)
**Course Approval Information
This course may not be approved in any jurisdiction or the provider has chosen not to include which jurisdictions the course is approved in.

* Professional reviewers have determined that the amount of content to be presented in this course, as specified in the provider's timed outline, should take the stated time to complete. This certification does not suggest the course will take the hours listed if implemented into a distance education learning system that uses an inferior instructional design. In addition, ARELLO does not guarantee or audit the performance of classroom instructors to ensure the appropriate clock hours of instruction are presented to students.

** Regarding course approval information, the course provider may list here the jurisdictions that have approved this course for professional credit. Information in regard to jurisdictional course approval is not maintained by ARELLO but by course providers. If no jurisdictions appear in the course approval area, the provider may not yet be approved by a regulatory agency to offer the course. Please contact the provider if you have a question in regard to course approval information.

† A "Clock Hour Enforcement Mechanism" is course feature that mandates students spend X amount of time in the course. This mechanism is not required for certification but is required in certain jurisdictions. The absence of a clock hour enforcement mechanism does not compromise certification and the typical student taking the course can still be expected to take the appropriate amount of time to complete the course.